Record Net Migration to New Zealand

From December 2012 New Zealand has had increasing net migration.  From September 2015 the net migration has been in excess of 5,000 people per month.  To December 2016 the net migration was 70,600 people.  To December 2017 the net migration was 70,000 people.  The annual net migration to New Zealand measured to July 2018 was slightly down on the same period but still over 60,000 people.

To put the December 2016 and the December 2017 migration numbers into perspective, the net migration is equivalent of three times Nelson’s population arriving to New Zealand within the last two years.

Consequently, it is no surprise that INZ is looking to tighten and reduce New Zealand’s migration because these high levels of migration, which is out of character over the medium term, is a contributor towards the pressure on the housing market and infrastructure in New Zealand, especially Auckland.

In practice, this means to most immigration applications are having increased scrutiny, strict adherence to INZ instructions and more declined applications as a result.


Immigration Trends